Dashboard logic

The dashboards are solely for presenting the status of components or services. The dashboards can stand alone and make no measurements by themselves. Behind all the dashboards is a table and some logic.

The table contains a number of parameters that include the text and status color of the dashboard. All colored squares on a dashboard are related to a record in the table that represents a component or service. The table can be updated from all external sources, thus also from various monitoring tools.

The logic controls the status and color changes on the dashboard. You can set parameters for how many errors it takes to switch to orange/minor error, and how many additional errors it takes to switch to red/major error. You can also control how many successful measurements it takes for the dashboard to change to green/OK again. If a component or service fails, the logic can create an incident in ServiceNow and assign it to an assignment group for the relevant shareholders. You can specify how many errors it takes to create an incident. You can choose to let the logic close the actual incident when the component or service is functioning again.

In the dashboard logic you are able to control and configure:

  • When the indicators must switch to yellow - warning
  • When the indicators must switch to red - error
  • When the indicators must switch back to green again - ok 
  • Whether to open an incident due to errors
  • Which incident assignment group the incident is to be assigned to
  • Whether the opened incident should close automatically when the problem is resolved
  • How many errors it takes to trigger the opening of an incident